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Eastin Charles Nagle came into the world along with his twin brother Donovan on the 1st day of July, 2016.  Eastin passed on the 12th of June due to a drowning accident that happened on the 8th of June.

Eastin was a loving little boy but he was also very mischievous. He always wanted to help no matter what you were doing. Even if he was too little to help, he still wanted to.  Eastin loved the water. He loved fishing, 4 wheeling, riding on the boat, but most of all he loved going to our camp.  Almost every day he would ask if we could go to camp. When we would tell him, we were going that weekend he would say “why it taking so long”.  One of the other sayings he would say all the time was “me so hungry”.  He could just have eaten, and he would say it.  Eastin also loved getting dirty, playing with Lego’s, building things out of whatever he could get ahold of and watching every move you made to try and do the same thing. 

Just like every child with brothers and sisters they would fight but Eastin was different. He would tell you that someone was being mean to him. It really took a lot to make him mad but look out when you did because he was very strong for only being 3.  Eastin was the youngest, but looking at his twin you would have never known that. He always had 5 pounds and a few inches on his brother.  Some people would not believe that he was a twin because of his size.

A few months ago, we got a Siberian Husky puppy.  When Eastin saw her, he asked if he could keep her forever.  When we told him yes, he said “Thanks mommy and daddy, I love her so much”.  We named her Jasmine.  Two weeks after Eastin had passed she got hit by a car and we thought she wasn’t going to make it. By the grace of god she made a full recovery.  We believe it was Eastin that made that happen.

We made a decision to let Eastin become a donor and help other people. Whether it was when we were both in our Military uniforms or when Daddy came home from work as a Police Officer, Eastin always wanted to be like Mommy and Daddy.  He would always ask “Daddy did you shoot the bad guy” Dad would always say no; he would then reply “I shoot the bad guys someday”. Our little Man wanted to be a hero someday, well he did exactly that.

Eastin was loved by so many people and that showed with all the support we have received following this tragedy. He would bring a smile to everyone’s face. He is missed by so many people. This will never get easier.

We love you BIG GUY!!

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